A creative design agency like no other?

Not many design agencies help select sites for wind farms, plan pipeline routes, conduct oil clean-up operations, investigate the causes of flooding or count bats for an ecological survey. Okay, so our writers and designers tend not to do much of that either, but we have colleagues who do all of those things and much, much more.

RSK Communication Services is part of the RSK group and that gives us direct, in-house access to hundreds of experts in various fields of engineering and environmental consultancy. This means that we are familiar with complex topics such as the energy transition, sustainability, carbon capture and storage, mineral exploration, new construction technologies and the remediation of contaminated industrial sites.

Furthermore, our writers are highly qualified scientists and engineers who thrive on the challenge of presenting complex technical information in ways that are clear, attractive and easily understood by non-specialists. We provide a bridge between science, business and the public by creating design and communication products that inform and influence.

Science and technology are in our DNA, and that is why RSK Communication Services is a design agency like no other.