Making your messages distinctive and easy to understand

Choosing the right words is crucial for effective communication. Our writers are all highly-qualified scientists and engineers who help you frame complex technical marketing messages and deliver them in a clear and straightforward way.

We write compelling copy and provide professional advice on content, tone and structure. We develop engaging, value-based narratives that resonate with your customers and support marketing efforts, helping explain the features and business benefits of your products and services. We also provide support in storyboarding, wire-framing for interactive documents and planning content flow for large documents or websites.

Our writers have extensive industry knowledge and are comfortable talking to your technical experts and senior executives. All of our text is quality checked in-house to meet style and brand requirements as part of a comprehensive communication service, which includes design and layout, from ideation to final print and digital delivery.

We can help you to

Inform, engage and influence customers

Save time and focus on other tasks

Present consistent, on-brand and on-style marketing messages

Position your company as market leaders or technology experts

Increase brand visibility

Explain technical concepts in clear, concise language

Promote new products and services

Keep stakeholders informed

Engage and inform your staff

We make your messages distinctive and easy to understand

Our writers like to base their work on interaction with the clients, starting with informal meetings or interviews. This gives us a chance to ask relevant questions and to really understand what your technology is and what it offers. We work directly with marketing teams and technical experts to get the story right and to present it in the most effective way.

Whether you want a feature article or a datasheet, our writers will find hidden value and help your team focus on the things your customers care about. From text idea to final product, our copywriting will make your message memorable.

Our writers understand your science and technology

RSK Creative writers bring technical and scientific understanding to the marketing communication arena. Where some agencies might struggle to grasp a technical writing brief, we can easily interpret key messages and set them out in a clear and effective way for specialist or non-specialist audiences.

The core of our work is supporting companies in the energy, technology and sustainability sectors.

We have close and established relationships with many of our clients, delivering powerful and persuasive copy over numerous projects and campaigns. These include copy on hundreds of different topics and technologies for clients including Acteon, Shell, etc.

The RSK Creative offer includes

Feature articles, news stories and press releases

Advertising copy

Brochures and factsheets

Website copy

Storyboards, video scripts and voiceovers

Positioning and mission statements

Presentations, interactive documents and speeches

Technical papers and case studies

White papers and trade press articles