Editing services

Making sure your words do their job

Our editors understand what you are trying to say, even if the subject matter is technical and very complicated. This means we can structure and polish your text to make your messages clear and keep your readers on track.

Good editing clarifies the message without changing its meaning. Our specialist editors, subeditors and proofreaders ensure that the materials you present to customers or stakeholders are grammatically correct, error free, pleasing to read and aligned with the relevant corporate or publication styles.

The starting point is to check that text will suit its intended audience. Then we look at structure. We can adjust poorly structured text to remove repetition or ambiguity and to improve the logic and flow. And, as most of our clients are communicating with a global audience, we may suggest ways to make written content more suitable for those who do not have English as their first language.

We can help you to

Explain complex ideas in the clearest and most logical way

Present consistent on-brand and on-style marketing messages

Eliminate grammar, punctuation, style and spelling errors

Remove repetition and ensure your text stays on-topic

Present material so the intended audience will understand it

Maximise reader retention for your content

We make sure your words do their job

Our editors thrive on getting things right. We want to be certain that your text is professional, fit for purpose and grammatically correct. We check the spelling, the style and any facts or claims that are made in the draft; we ask questions if anything is unclear. If there are problems lurking in a manuscript, we will find and rectify them.

Professional text creates a positive impression with prospects and customers: it builds credibility and helps to support sales efforts. In addition to specialist science and technology editing, we provide a full range of editorial support services, including subediting, style checking and proofreading.

We help readers digest your marketing message

Using correct grammar and punctuation is a powerful way to keep readers engaged and to clarify meaning. Editing for technical marketing communication is a specialist skill that develops with experience. Our experience means you can trust us to make your text look good, which means you look good.

We have close and established relationships with many of our clients through delivering powerful and persuasive copy-based projects. These include work on hundreds of different topics and technologies for clients such as Acteon, Shell, etc.

The RSK Creativeoffer includes

– Specialist science and technology editing

– Specialist marketing copy editing

– Text quality assurance

– Subediting, punctuation and grammar checking

– Proofreading

– Style and consistency checking

– Document restructuring